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Persistence Of Vision.

It's the term used to describe the apparent illusion of cinema; multiple still images flashed fast enough to be perceived as one single moving image.

It could also be said of filmmakers. Filmmaking, more often than not, is a collaborative effort, but the filmmaker’s vision is theirs alone. By way of the dreams and ideas the journey begins. Step by step the story unfolds, and with each phase of the project requiring an unwavering commitment, it truly is the determination and devotion, that persistence of vision, that's fundamental in the drive to create something magical.


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A great film begins with a great story. It's the heart and soul of every movie ever made.

It's the characters, and the places. The fantastic worlds from yesterday, today and tomorrow. All of those above and below, close to home and farther away. It's the births and deaths, and the love and hate, and the kiss and never tells. The war and peace, science and the fiction. The tension and the turmoil. It's heaven and hell. The surreal and the real. The hope and despair. It's the forces of evil, and the power of good. It's drama, and comedy, and everything in between. But before all of that... It's the screenwriter and the screenplay.

Here are a few comments about a couple of my screenplays:

"Solid opening... Nice juxtaposition of the coffin and the violin... impressive!" ~ Derek Hass (2 Fast 2 Furious, 3:10 To Yuma, Chicago Fire)

"I liked it too... Gay Humpty is a great character." ~ Craig Mazin (Scary Movie 3, Hangover II, Chernobyl)

"I absolutely agree. Job well done." ~ F. Scott Frazier (The Numbers Game, Gears Of War)

"...the opening for STRINGS is very enticing. The premise is intriguing and the opening pages have great cinematic rhythm and pacing.
It's exactly the sort of writing that draws a person into the story and is very easy to visualize."
~ David K.

SEEDS OF A REVOLUTION - Quarter Finalist ~ Shepperton Screenwriting Festival

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post production
audio & video editing

The power of the editor can't be underestimated.

Poring over every frame looking for those subtle (and not so subtle) nuances that make the difference. A skilled editor is able to establish the mood, shape the performances, and set the pace of the story. It's subjective of course, but a great editor can feel it. Intutively knowing what to leave in and what to cut out. Taking the director's vision and making it a reality, frame by frame.

Here's a trailer I put together that was nominated in the "Top Trailer" category at the Southern States Indie Fan Film Festival
::'Alone' ~ A film by Daniel Duane ::

film school

The debate is on-going.

To go or not? Required or necessary? It's a tough one, and the decision isn't always clear cut. Are you the type that needs the structure of a well defined program with an instructor and practical sessions that allow you to interact and engage fellow students? Is graduating from a prestigious (or not so) film school important to you, thinking that's what you need to get your foot in the door? Or are you more inclined to go it alone? Are you willing to take the time (years) and money (thousands) you were going to spend on that prestigious film program, and instead buy some gear and put in the hours studying and learning your craft by just making films?

Either way it takes a disciplined approach.