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ceo change announcement

It has been a very fulfilling and successful year at [name redacted]. We have accomplished so much with critical vital milestones having been reached. As we move forward, there should be no doubt that we will meet or exceed all of the new goals and targets we have set.

However, this year our excitement has been tempered only slightly. As you may or may not know, [name redacted] has stepped down as CEO of [name redacted].

I thank [name redacted] for his four-plus years leading this company through a hugely transformative period. He was instrumental in bringing the headquarters to the East Coast in 2018. He successfully integrated two strategic acquisitions ([name redacted] and [name redacted]) and re-branded the business as [name redacted]. With his guidance, we successfully navigated through the COVID crisis in 2020. And his leadership initiated the refinancing effort last year, culminating in [name redacted]'s majority investment. His incredible passion for this business has led us to where we are now.

It’s certainly a bittersweet time for us, but we wish [name redacted] all the success as he embarks on a new journey.

As [name redacted] leaves, the team at [name redacted] has already begun searching for a permanent CEO and will do the utmost to fill [name redacted]’s shoes. However, in the meantime and immediately, I will step in as interim CEO.

Of course, times of transition in any business can bring forth many questions, not only about the strategic direction of the business but also if and how day-to-day operations may change inside the company. Quite simply, I want to reassure you of a couple of crucial points:

The vision and strategy of HOW we accelerate growth remain unchanged. It's been a carefully crafted path with input from the [name redacted] board and the input and guidance from senior leadership teams. We expect to continue following that strategic path to success.

Our culture is the driving force behind our success. It encourages collaboration and support at all levels, and we will continue to strive to go above and beyond with an unwavering commitment to that end.

The transition will not impact our day-to-day operations. We will still manage programs and update systems as we have - nothing will change for us here except the incoming CEO leading us on the road forward.

[name redacted] provides a firm footing, and [name redacted] is an equally strong company with an experienced and dedicated team. We are committed to our clients, partners, and employees and will continue to provide the highest standards of service and support. We aim to ensure a smooth transition during this change, and we appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

We have a tremendous future with unlimited possibilities, and I am excited to support you as we move forward. Together.