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something to think about before you begin

So you wanna write a screenplay?

Well, before you do you should have a logline. A logline is a concise synopsis of your story. It’s the “it’s about…”. That thing you say after the “What?”

You know what I mean; you’re at a party having a conversation with someone, and out of the blue and apropos of nothing you blurt out, “I’m writing a screenplay.”

Bewildered, she says, “Uh-huh. What?”

Well, right after that when you continue with, “Yeah, I don’t think it’s been done before. It’s about…”

Right there. That bit. After “It’s about”. What you say next, that’s the logline (the act of saying your logline out loud in public is called ‘the pitch’ or ‘pitching’).

Now, there are debates over how concise it should be, but generally, it must follow the industry-standard pre-determined format of, “a something someone or something in a something situation must do something to someone or something to change someone or the something situation to something different than the someone or something before something else happens.”

Once you’ve got that down, or something like it, only then are you permitted to start.