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price increase email notification

By all accounts, recent actions in the global financial markets are unprecedented, and the resulting economic environment is proving extremely difficult for all of us. Whether professionally, in your business, or personally, at home, from the gas pump to the grocery store, it seems there’s no escaping its ripples.

Here at [name redacted], it’s no different. As entrepreneurs like you, we’re feeling it as well. No matter where we look, costs are rising. And, like you, we’re doing all we can to minimize the fallout. However, some things are unfortunately unavoidable.

Effective Sept. 12th, 2022, our pricing structure for our accounting fees will increase by 10% - 15%. We hate to do it, but doing so will allow us to continue to deliver the first-class service and financial advice you’ve come to expect.

We value the trust you have placed in us. Your goals are our goals, and we hope to continue with you every step of the way on your path to success.