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chess rating system

Ahhhh. You’ve arrived. Welcome to my tower. I trust your journey was a pleasant one. Listen carefully. I will teach you about the chess rating system. Come, come. Observe and learn.

Here we are. The first floor. Where it all begins. Everyone is welcome here. Players who enter here today as students will become tomorrow’s grand masters. Register for a membership, and you will be granted access to the rated chess tournaments. Rating high is your challenge, young student. Come.

Here is where you must pay attention. Listen to my words carefully. When you are new to the Tower, you will start with a provisional rating to establish yourself. From there, you must do your best to beat the foe who is greater. That is when you will earn more points. Ahhh, and beating a lesser combatant, yes, of course, that is good, too, but your point score will not be as great. And remember, when you lose to the one who is above you, your rating will not drop so far. But be warned, lose to those who are lower-rated, then your score will suffer greatly. Take care, and choose your opponents wisely.

Be always mindful of the K-factor. The higher a chess rating becomes, the smaller size will the K-factor be. But fret not. Play your best game and leave these matters to others.

Here is where the advanced amateur players abound. You will be one of many at this level. And how did you survive? Two formulas rate your game. The first is a prediction of the likely outcome between two players in a game. The second updates your rating based on the result of each game.

You have been quite ambitious with much skill to reach this level. You are now ranked beyond the average player rating. From here on, you will need the strategy of a master to reach the next level - the 2k rating. A difficult task for many, but it is very possible. Play well, and you shall achieve it.

Look around. This is the chamber of the top players. These are the ones who achieve greatness. The top one to two percent. For those of the Nation, the National Master tile is earned at level twenty-two hundred. For those who play internationally, reaching the twenty-two hundred level will crown them as Candidate Masters. Those who achieve twenty-three hundred will be known as FIDE Masters. This is the task at hand. Use all your powers and wit to reach the Master levels.

Heed my words. You have met your rating requirements. But you must still earn your next title. In order to become an International Master, you must play in tournaments against the mightiest foes. You will be judged by how well you do. You must earn three ‘Norms’ to move on. Remember, only in the tournaments eligible will you receive the necessary ‘Norms.’

And now you are near. Once you have reached this level, the title of GrandMaster is close at hand. But it is not so easy, young student. You must earn three more ‘Norms’ before the Grand Master title is bestowed upon you. And now, to the final stop. Come.

If you have made it this far, you will be invited to play in the Tournament of The Candidates. If you win this tournament and win you must, you will meet the reigning world champion in a final match to earn the title of World Chess Champion.

You are not permitted to enter this, the final floor. But for you, I will make an exception. You have shown much skill, but...

...this must never be spoken of. In this chamber, the top-secret concepts of the chess world are kept. Only those who have reached the levels of twenty-eight hundred and above are permitted inside.

Remember, you must never reveal what you are about to see. Let’s proceed.