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the willowbrook community planning update

Did you know the Township of Langley is planning for the future? On November 22, 2021, the Township of Langley Council approved a scope and process for the Willowbrook Community Plan Update.

Plan updates will help shape Willowbrook over the next 20 years and are being developed with the anticipated Surrey/Langley extension of the SkyTrain in mind.

Goals and objectives for Willowbrook

Key objectives have been targeted and outlined in the Community Plan. From the TOL website, they include:

A sustainable transit-oriented community that is more pedestrian and cycle-friendly, and can significantly influence travel patterns through more walking, cycling, and transit trips.

In our modern world, it is becoming increasingly important to design sustainable communities that are less reliant on cars and more focused on walking, cycling, and public transit. By creating more pedestrian and cycle-friendly neighborhoods, we can encourage people to leave their cars at home and reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, transit-oriented communities can also help to ease traffic congestion and improve air quality. By promoting sustainable transportation methods, we can create healthier and more livable communities for everyone.

Defining a future built form and landscape character, place-making elements, and sustainable community design that serves local needs and creates an attractive destination.

The future built form and landscape character of a community should be determined by the needs of the locals and what would make the community an attractive destination. Place-making elements, such as parks and public spaces, should be designed to serve the community and be accessible to everyone. The community should also be designed with sustainable practices, such as using green space to help with stormwater management or creating pedestrian-friendly streets. Considering these factors makes it possible to create a functional and appealing community for residents and visitors alike.

Identification of community amenities to support a future land use and development vision along with policy recommendations for securing community amenity contributions through a land value capture system.

As our city continues to grow and development pressures increase, it is essential to ensure that community amenities are considered in Langley's land use and development plans. Amenities such as parks, community centers, and libraries contribute to the livability of a community and should be accessible to all residents. One way to achieve this is through a land value capture system, which captures the increase in land value that results from public investments in amenities. This increases the amount of money available for reinvestment, providing a continuous funding source to support future growth. To ensure that community amenities are adequately funded, city planners need to identify these amenities early on and make policy recommendations accordingly.

Comprehensive public engagement that effectively communicates and involves property owners, local community stakeholders, external agencies, and the broader public in the planning process.

The planning process for any public project can be complex and challenging. There are often many stakeholders involved, each with their interests and objectives. To succeed, it is essential to engage all stakeholders effectively. This means communicating clearly and regularly, involving them in decision-making, and being open to input and feedback.

Financial plan for the provision and maintenance of infrastructure services.

A sound financial plan is essential and must take into account several factors. First, there is the cost of initial construction. Second, there are the ongoing costs of maintenance and repair. Third, there is the question of how the infrastructure will be funded. Finally, there is the question of who manages and operates the infrastructure. All of these factors must be considered when developing a financial plan for infrastructure services.

How You Can Get Involved In Helping To Shape Our Community

An in-person pop-up event was held on August 24th, where the general public could learn more about the planning process, speak with staff, and provide input.

There is still an opportunity to participate in the survey for those who missed the event. I have shared the link to the survey: https://www.tol.ca/your-township/about-the-township/community-plans/willowbrook-community-plan/.

The Surrey/Langley SkyTrain extension will be a game-changer for the community. Your feedback could help identify opportunities that may come from this major project! The survey closes on September 23rd, so don't miss out; your feedback could help shape the future of transportation in Surrey and Langley and the exciting ongoing development of our community.

The Willowbrook Community Planning Update is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2024.