The Deed (short - drama)

Set in the old west, a cowboy does what's necessary to protect his family.

Bautizado (short - drama)

A young woman questions her faith and purpose while working as an operative in the US Military's top-secret "retirement" division.

Gentlemen Of The Empire (short - drama)

A British intelligence agent in 1948 New Delhi, enlists the help of a reporter from the local Hindi newspaper to clear up misinformation about Britain's involvement in the creation of Pakistan. It turns out, questions for Lord Mountbatten are not all the reporter has on his mind.

The Café Society (feature length - drama)

When boxing's heavyweight champion is gunned down in the ring, the New York Mafia goes on a rampage to avenge the death of their "boy". Gambling, dames, cigars, and the Mob. Set in New York, and Havana in the 1930s.

Seeds Of A Revolution (short - surreal)

The story of two young boys and their pineapple stand in the Cuban countryside of 1937. All goes well, until a stranger offers to pay with a credit card.

Murder In Midtown (1 page scene - drama)

Two New York City detectives investigating a homicide. Classic film noir.

Summer Of Love (feature length - drama)

Vancouver. 1967. A 12 year old boy with a paper route has a chance meeting with Jimi Hendrix that changes the history of rock music, and influences a generation.

Hitchcock 101 (short - comedy)

Peter's screenwriting homework assignment is going to miss the deadline. His instructor isn't too pleased with the excuses.

Northern Lights (feature length - drama)

A graduate student travels to the Yukon to study the Northern Lights. On his way, he gets sidetracked in a small First Nations village. After marrying the chief's daughter, he uncovers a secret that threatens his new family's ancestral standing. The Chief has only one choice - get rid of the threat or risk the chance she'll be exposed.

Strings (feature length - drama)

The world's greatest violin maker bought violins from another dude, and passed them off as his own. He might have killed a guy for it, too. Hey, I'm just puttin' out there. Could'a happened. Industrial espionage, outsourcing, and murder in 18th. century Italy.

South Of Homer (short - comedy)

A major recording artist moves in to Peter's building, so he resurrects his songwriting non-career hoping to get his new neighbor to record his material.

Autumn Leaves (short - drama)

When 12 year old Taylor, and 14 year old Samantha discover a secret forest behind a hidden door in their dead grandfather's attic, they find that getting in may be a lot easier than getting out.

Heist: An American Tragedy (feature length - drama)

Darren's dream of rock stardom is put to the test when his drug addicted and pregnant girlfriend threatens to leave if he doesn't quit the band. A modern day Sid and Nancy.


screenplays available upon request